Real Safari Wedding / Andrew & Michelle – Makalali Private Game Reserve

Andrew & Michelle’s Safari Wedding

The story

The story of Andrew & Michelle’s wedding and how they ended up with Lujo is as extraordinary as it is scary! I would love to share this with you as I am a strong believer of faith and that everything happens for a reason.

This beautiful couple decided a long time ago that a Destination Safari Wedding in South Africa will be the ultimate experience and invited their closest family members to join them on this adventure.  After intense planning and research, a venue was booked ,plane tickets were paid and everybody was super excited.  Michelle booked my services as her wedding photographer and all was set!

In January I got a very distressed mail from Michelle informing me that the venue cancelled her wedding due to unforeseen circumstances and due to the high occupancy rates of the Game Lodges in South Africa she could not find a lodge that could host her wedding on such short notice.

I just launched Lujo and it was a perfect opportunity for us to help Andrew and Michelle making their dream wedding come true.  After days of searching I found the ideal venue!!! Makalali Game Lodge 

The staff was absolutely magnificent!! They went the extra mile to make alternative arrangements to host this wedding! Michelle was in heaven!




After only two and a half months, the whole wedding was created and designed just as Michelle envisioned it! After hundreds of mails it felt as if I have know her for years and tears of joy was unstoppable when we eventually met on their arrival at Makalali.  The whole Lujo team arrived the morning of the wedding and before our eyes Michelle and her bridesmaids were transformed and looked like the Royals of the the African bushveld! Even the local vervet monkeys came to have a look at this beautiful bride:)

The Ceremony

Andrew & Michelle’s ceremony took place underneath a massive Wild Fig tree next to the river. It was a surreal setting, there is just something about the african bushveld, it calms one’s soul while looking at Gods beauty, so simple but yet so majestic! The ceremony was conducted by a local minister, George de Roubaix and the guest thoroughly enjoyed the sermon.  George explained how the local tribes in Africa conduct wedding ceremonies and also presented the couple with local wedding gifts.




Andrew & Michelle’s Couple Shoot

After the ceremony we left the guest to enjoy canapé’s and champaign and we went to explore the bush and to create some gorgeous images! We were recently blessed with a lot of rain leaving the bush very lush and lively!  The bush granted us a rich pallet of intense colours to design this masterpiece!


The Reception

Definitely the highlight of the day! The staff of Makalali created the most unimaginable bush dinner setup, and under the African skies this group of people experience a priceless adventure.  I believe the cherry on top was the Local tribal dancers of roots of rhythm.  They were absolutely exceptional and everybody joined in with the dancing and so Andrew and Michelle had the Safari wedding of their dreams!!!



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